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Mini Fabric Collection at Spoonflower

January 27, 2013 Posted in Products/Shop

I have finally made a mini collection of my designs available at Spoonflower! They are available as fabric, wallpaper and wall decals. Click the image above to hop over to my Spoonflower shopfront.

A few more prints will be available for direct purchase in my Etsy shop kinda-sorta soon, and I’ll announce those here when they’re in stock!

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I have recently reopened it with the stock I had before I went on hiatus. Proper updates will finally be made in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I’m having a clearance sale – get 25% off by using the code 25SMILE at checkout. Click here to visit the shop!

Cute Stuff: Swimmer

September 24, 2012 Posted in Cute Stuff

Since my last post here I’ve been lucky enough to make not one but two trips to Tokyo!
These weren’t long trips – combined they only amounted to a few days – but my sister and I managed to get some serious shopping done! On my list of must visit places was a shop I had wanted to go to for years – Swimmer.

Digi-Sticker Shop Still Open!

March 29, 2012 Posted in DiGi-Stickers,Products/Shop

Hey everyone! Lately I’ve had a few messages asking whether the Digi-Sticker tube shop is still open. So, I thought I should put up a notice to let you all know that it is! Though work is keeping me from blogging or updating, I am still here to take and fill your orders~

EDIT – May 19th: Many Digi-Sticker sets have been permanently reduced in price!

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